Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Out of Body Experience

I wrote this poem due to the way I feel when I hear about the immensity of sin that is in the world...and I don't just mean such transgressions as stealing, lying, etc, but when I hear about unnerving, mind-distorting situations. I honestly lose myself a bit and feel a loss in the world. At these times I feel the most foreign and trapped, but I know we are here to overcome...

I don’t know who we are, who I am when I hear the depravities of a world infested with sin. I lose my sense of groundedness and my soul starts to lift-I don’t recognize this skin, your skin. Muffled in mirrors and unable to feel who I was from birth-as if every worldly action I’ve ever endeavoured means nothing in this body so long as its torn, looking waiting for that place to call home-pressed against the corners of my skin it shrivels, dissociates, wants to lose its ties to humanness- and I feel that desire so badly—it’s affliction the body’s conviction create rigidity, there’s no affinity between the two in this confliction. The soul wanting to retreat—retreating- and nothing I can do to stop it, lock it, because this world cannot crack the combination to my soul—latched, I am trapped not knowing if the aftermath is better than this co-sinning tangent of body and soul.

Perhaps the tumult is never-ending, knowing wherever I am that there is a pretty little planet tilted on its axis, spinning, sinning, in need of a new beginning.


mysreid said...

omg that is so beautiful! truly. i was blown away by the last para, it's so poignant and sad! our beautiful earth, so given to darkness which it embraces.

omg i'm not sure if this was intentional but 'co-sinning tangent'? that is INSANE girl. if you meant it in the math way (besides literally of coz), you'd be using cosine and sine (thus, co-sinning i guess) and tangent and putting them in a phrase ALL together which can be interpreted as the body and soul indeed being one, amongst other possible interpretations. i know that might sound a bit of a stretch but that was what hit me when i read it =)

Imogen Mutama said...

hey girl..thanks for your comment..muchly appreciated!!! you have no idea!!!

i'm glad you noticed the "co-sinning tangent" play on word lingo...yes yes, the only way I will even try to use math is in poetry, haha. but it was very intentional...smth that I thought would be a bit too much of an allusion, but I'm glad you appreciate it!!! but yes, your interpretation is not a stretch at all, but along the lines of what i its cool u got that.

thanks for your comment once again!!

Anonymous said...

sweet pea,


I also love the rhyming ending.

again, WOW. hahaha <3


Anonymous said...

I can't get over that math sentence.

I SO want to quote you on facebook. "...I am trapped not knowing if the aftermath is better than this co-sinning tangent of body and soul." Only with your approval love.

Anything math-related REALLY appeals to me and the fact that you used it in such a beautifully written piece is unbelievable.