Thursday, September 25, 2008


I want to fully heal from the holes inside of me, but sometimes I feel the pain of some of the tears, ramifications that plague my mind. I want to be swallowed, and live inside of the one who is always saving my soul. The one who cares about me most, who loves me unconditional. Then I want to emulate. I want to give so much of myself, that I forget who I am to myself, only remember myself in God. I just want to forget my desires, and feel whole. I want to die to myself and be reborn in His arms. I want to reconstruct myself, and wash the slate clean. I want to bury the remnants of everything that has made me base.


Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful dear...your desire and passion to be the person you were created to be WILL BE honoured by God =) since we're both striving toward the same goal, we'll be helping each other. always here sista <3


Genism said...

found this one interesting...thought one poem I did resonates with your theme so I posted it on my blog :)

Imogen Mutama said...

Sara =)*hearts, hearts*-its so great to know that I have a spiritual sister who will infinitely support me..I'm here for you too sister..and we WILL achieve our goals and grow in love both inside and outside of one another!! Thanks for your comment...your writing is hella/uber/very beautiful too!!

Genis, thanks for your post on my blog! It means a lot to me, and I'll definitely be reading your blog regularly, b/c u are an avid blogger..which is so cool! I read your poem, and its so great to discover that side of you..its beautiful!! your poem definitely relates and resonates with this theme..its so great how we can express our r/s with God this way!! blessings =)