Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why am I on the periphery of existence? Groping for the tangible in this daymare of self-consumption. Why, am I eating myself alive...sidelined, bypassed...does my heart not count for anything? Can you hear its call? Peripheral, perimetered, pronounced inadequate. Inactive, insatiable, inclined to be undermined but nonetheless designed.

Leaking in this language of love
Obliterated in this obscene obsession, an outrage, an oppression, to my opulent soul.
Terminated in the tenacity, the atrocious audacity, to claim incapacity when in effulgence.


VARIE said...

I love the way you write Imogen. l am your biggest fan ..lol! Your writing is so inspirational. Keep up the good work:)

Imogen Mutama said...

gee, thank you so much!! It means a lot to me you saying that! Thanks for checking out the blog!! =)

Anonymous said...

your heart counts for everything girl. God died for it. daymares, i love tt, sometimes the night is our shelter even. i feel on the outlines and sidelines of life too but God finds a way to always bring us in eh? thru family/friends etc =)))


Imogen Mutama said...

haha yeah thats true..with God you are always number 1 eh? I guess this piece moreso speaks to those who wanted to be part of something that they couldnt be..whether that be a popular group, or count in somebody else's life..more than just a face, u know? Wanting to be part of something or someone you're just not meant to be a part of, and within that wistful-ness realizing that you're giving a core part of yourself away...you're neglecting the fullness of your essence.

I guess all that really matters is God in our lives!! =)