Friday, October 3, 2008

we ALL fall down

Don't act like you'll never fall. Living in a space where your scope is supreme is only predicated for dreams...and even then your eyes are closed, as you breathe through subconscious holes where fantasy is reality, you defy gravity... Jump..and you'll never die because someone needs to dream the dream in order for it to are the only protagonist in that story. Life is adverse, to the one man curse of sleep. Protagonist plethora. The plot will continue with or without you. Viewpoints violated, opinions obliterated, scope suffocated with the fizzle of flesh.

Narcissism and narrowness has amounted to the noxious naivete that has consumed the lives of many, plummeting the beauty of the pristine soul, gassing and guillotining what has been reduced to "guts" in someone's sadistic one-tracked minded, inclined to promote a view of the world that rests and reclines in the rumination, in the intricate degradation of what is lived solipsism. Guess what philosopher? Your viewpoints are incommodious, they do not offer any space for the divinity of diversity, the amazing aspects and sides to adversity…the fact that all of life is retrieval, reaching into the good and the bad, the alive and the dead, the mute and said to take and proliferate.

Come to the realization that your viewpoints are vivacious, your opinions permitted optimal due to the world we live in. You are accepted on a basis you do not welcome. Because if HIS view was supreme here and now, I don’t know where I’d find you.

Don’t act like you’ll never fall. The universe screams you need to be humbled. And it always gets its way.


Anonymous said...

OMG-WORTHY girl!! ill be reading this over and over! stunning impactful lines, i LOVE it! for example,"Because if HIS view was supreme here and now, I don’t know where I’d find you." exactly, it'll be obliteration for those proud people man! i like the ooomph this piece has, if u noe wat i mean! haha.

and "The universe screams you need to be humbled. And it always gets its way" is so true. even if we just look at a limited point of view, like say the laws of nature for example, even we cant defy tt, much less God who fashioned it all!! and i could go on, but this piece is killer. u go girl <3

sara =)

Imogen Mutama said...

aww, man thanks sara, it means a lot to me that you like this piece..seriously, u have no idea..haha, i really hold ur viewpoint about my work as definitely one of my "supreme" ones. It really reminds me of the piece that you wrote about the olympics..with the whole viewpoints thingy!

i go girl? No YOU go girl!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

(I thought of a Kanye West song called "All falls down" when I saw the title..)

Good work Imo! I am always impressed :)

- Jules