Thursday, January 15, 2009

I haven't blogged in forever!

Welcome to my life! Do you want to enter....and intertwine with that time I fell? We become each others' problems and successes, progressions and regresses, slipping through the stresses, the physicality of life, and its messes. Do not think...that you enter unharmed, charmed by the innocence of a smiling face, a put-up grace, the lingering chase of keeping you in and letting you out. I want here to stay, the promise of tomorrow, the permanence of that potential, but the consequential release hungers and feasts, watered by time, impossibly mine. I resign from this constant pine.


Anonymous said...

yay! uve blogged!! i like this, it's great, it's so grooovy!! i duno how to explain it but it's like an upbeat song, catchy too!!

I want here to stay! love that!

- s. =)

Imogen Mutama said...

haha hey hun! thanx for your commento! now song writing..that would definitely be fun! yeah it'd be nice if things could stay and not have to leave all the time, but hey, i guess when ppl/things makes room for other things..its always hard, sigh:)