Monday, February 15, 2010


Okay, so I have been in a constant fight with my hair...

...I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it!


....walking out of that salon in pain sent me back to grade 6 when I first got a weave--they had to cornrow my hair so tight that I cried and I had to put an icepack on my head.

...sometimes I think, what did Black people do to deserve such kinky, tight, dense, cannot pull a comb through it hair? Why can't we have silky, shiny, much easier to manage hair like everyone else?



Our hair is our glory. We have a texture like no other...I mean I've been called "pillowhead," and been told that my hair feels like carpets, rugs, and other fine upholstery.

That 70's hairstyle called the "fro" that everyone wanted a few decades ago never loses its edge...our hair gives us style, spunk, it differentiates.

We can also wear our hair in whichwhenever style we want. Oh you want straight silky hair...go ahead. Curly? Do it, do it! Kinky? You already got that. The only problem is, it will only be your hair because you PAID for it (haha) and only for a time. And if you can stomach wearing hair that some lovely woman/man grew on YOUR head...haha, then our black hair will be fully utilized for a texture that willingly accepts extensions and hair pieces.

S0 love it OR hate it!

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