Thursday, February 18, 2010

The way I love

I realized this one crucial detail about the way I love.

I'm so glad I've become aware of it ...

I always love people in relation to me...what they mean to me, what they have done/did for me, what they could possibly do for me or how they could or have enhanced my life.

It's important for me, however, to love people in relation to God.

In this equation, I am not a factor.

Interesting...removing "me" from the way I love...when I am the one doing the loving. In this situation, you realize that your loving comes from God, not from you. I could not possibly ever love someone the way they deserve to be loved, or the way God has obligated us to love each other.

It's strange. When you think eternally or think in light of God and not in light of society, it both enlightens and messes with your brain, haha. I am only human for a time, so I guess its not good to let the human desire win over your soul.

Everyday I live on this earth, I feel even more like an alien. I just don't ever feel at home...and yet I don't exactly know where I belong. This blows my mind.


I saw this girl yesterday, and I was brought into this world...A sort of Arizona suburban lifestyle- nice houses, beautiful parents, sleepovers and family dinners, attractive older brothers. It's funny how a face will do that to you.

Funny how your humanness shrouds you. I cant get to the essence of what this is all about.

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