Friday, March 19, 2010

summer does something to me that i cant explain

something inside my core radiates and pulses, the sun melts my's troubles

i find myself by the water, elated by the heat

mmmm...everything good finds its way to me....friends, family, romances, long stretches of days...

in winter, i find hardship, dark days and cold nights

but God is there, and i must trust in each and every season, even though i know my soul belongs to the summer, but is developed in the winter


Anonymous said...

i absolutely love this post =)) i totally relate, i'm such a summer girl myself (i guess coming from summer-eternal island =D) haha. But the last line is amazing - so true! We need the dark and cold times to grow and lean on God rather than what the world gives us. coming here has taught me that. and well, thank God we always have better seasons like summer to look forward to! =))


Imogen Mutama said...

Hey girl,

thanks ya...I think there is smth within most souls that absolutely clings to summer! And yes of course, w/o winter there would be no summer (metaphorically)...I've always thought about living in a place that was sunny 24/7, I really wonder what that would be like? I'm sure one does not get SAD (in both senses, lol)??

thnx for commenting=)