Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Honesty is a Virtue? (II)

It's tough facing the truth...

...but the sooner one is honest with their flaws, the sooner one can change. We're so afraid, sometimes, of people knowing, thinking, judging, who we truly are. Heads up: everybody's got flaws!

Sometimes, I want to be so honest, that people wouldn't know what to do with me. I don't mean honest in terms of being rude to people, but honest in terms of who I truly am.

"I'm sick of all the insincere, I'm gonna give all my secrets away" -One Republic


Gul said...

Omg! These post is so awesome. I totally know what you mean girll! I was thinking this very thought about a month ago. How sometimes I just want to blurt out some "honesty" that would leave a shock on their face. It's unfortunate that we think so much about the opinion of others, but not so much about one that knows us most and who matters the most (God). But it's the human soul, we can't live without other human beings, so in order to be with them, we have to consider their thoughts...Great post <3

Imogen Mutama said...

Hey hun,
thanks for your comment! Yes, so true, b/c we live in a world with other people we must consider their thoughts about us. I think a lot of the things we think about do not really have any baring on anything real, so its not that important for other people to know about it.

Sometimes, I wish to be honest about who I truly am. A lot of the time, I don't tell people things b/c I'm embarrassed or ashamed about what I have done...b/c I am afraid of that judgment. I shouldn't be afraid of people judging me, coz only God can judge..but its hard to always keep this at the forefront of one's mind.