Friday, June 4, 2010

Keep the main thing, the main thing

Why am I having problems keeping the main thing, the main thing?

I feel like these days I am totally and completely distracted by the human side of life and am having problems focusing on God and finding my whole being in Him.

How can I say that I completely trust God, if I can't fully let go of my control of life's situations?

Can I not remember that He is the source of all good things? Can I not remember that he is the possessor of all things?

And yet I want to possess and think that good things are good in themselves, as if they have no connection to God.

There is beauty in that freedom. There is beauty in singleness. There is beauty in freedom from control, possession, and expectation. There is beauty in spontaneity.

This whole earth exists under the tongue of God, and we still don't know Him. In the heat of his love, I still feel cold.


Gul said...

Wow love it!
For the most part, I'd like to say I get what you mean...I feel like that too, I am losing my connection/remembrance in God and getting caught up with the material and technical things in life.

*P.s. I've changed my settings, you should be able to leave a comment now lol *

Imogen Mutama said...

Thanks girlo!! We gotta keep the main thing, the main thing! It's a continual effort girlo, but we gotta try to get it right!