Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Making a name for yourself

A realize in this "dog eat dog" society, the only way to be truly successful in anything you do is to make a name for yourself.

This, however, is extremely hard for me. I am a naturally shy person...and extremely awkward, I have noticed.

I've noticed that those who are the most successful are those that throw themselves out there, sell themselves and their projects to death. I want to be like this, but of course, for the right reasons.

If more people know me and I have the love of God in my heart, then perhaps I can share this with them.

Everything takes practice, and it's a learning process.


Gul said...

Love love! The words you've written here.

And I totally agree with you - on what is defined as successful in this society, and you truly DO have to sell yourself for majority of the time -- interview, applying to an institution and other situations as well.

Imogen Mutama said...

YES! I know..thats the way this society works!!! You really have to put yourself out there! Dunno if it's a good or bad thing!