Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sometimes I wonder how real one can truly be in this world? What lurks behind the veneer of people's faces and why won't they let it show? Why is it so unacceptable to be sad? People want, expect you to be happy all the time, they tell you to it truly adds something to their life when they don't even know you or your story. If you just smile because you're told, its not even genuine...don't they realize that?

This world is lined with so many emotions and back stories...if my muscles are twisted in that upright position that constitutes a smile...why is it a "smile"...? Couldn't a frown be a smile, and a smile be a frown? Who made it so?

Everybody is trying to cover up who they really, shoes, clothes, makeup...desperately searching, spending money to cover up, cover up, always shrouding, layering, covering, piling it on, never taking it off....or perhaps taking it off behind closed doors, only for family and friends. We are the most fake to people we don't even know, and then we expect them to get to know us or begin to understand us...

....sometimes when you start in that fake world with someone, it's hard to escape it.

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