Saturday, February 28, 2009

What is this desire in me, so inhumane, subhuman...That makes me want to throw away everything I have ever known? Flesh encloses soul. I can not breathe in your heat, can not see my saviour. The darkening of impulses smatters life, I retreat to fantasy. I no longer exist apart from you and what you make me. Why do you change me? That second person wants what you want. In a split second you have to wake up. You look at me and I become animal.


Anonymous said...

i really like this piece! for me, it is so dark but true to life and really speaks volumes about the way people treat/view each other. i especially love 'i retreat to fantasy'!! =)))


p.s. it was me who had commented on ur last post awhile back, but i forgot to sign off =P

Imogen Mutama said...

haha, thanks! yeah even though one dismisses it, sometimes those "animalistic" vibes are there pulsing inside our bodies, beats we have to control. its good to acknowledge them so they can be controlled, i guess the problem starts when you let them control you.