Tuesday, March 31, 2009

That side of your soul

....I love laughing. It is my pleasure, it is my joy. I could do it all day. It's one of the things I live for...

When you catch someone at their most carefree, their most playful...it's such a gorgeous side to be on...to witness.

I like to see you like this, the fulfillment of a unbelieved wish come true, that indescribable hue that colours your soul, it sets me whole on fire, and I desire to devour the delight in your eyes.

I like to see you like this, radiant and glowing, the life inside you knowing, your dream entangled with mine, myself engaged in the pine, fingers outstretched in time, as you rush through, that vision of you, locked up in an impression of mine. I wish to penetrate and pick out the divine in you, languish in the laughter, the eye flickered futility...when you look, I die, I crumble, I escape inside of you..demolish me.

I like to see you like this...because I see myself. I want that part of you that makes me see me..to understand this human affinity, the connectivity of my story playing a part in yours. That eternal human cry felt in your throat and mine, the breath you breathed out is felt in my sigh, inside of me...all of you lie-- it's such a gorgeous side to be on...to witness...when that side of you is born, I die.


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yay! it's finally allowing me to leave a comment =) firstly, i loove this post (like all the others) coz it's such a unique topic but everyday at the same time, but so few people attempt to describe it! and u have done a beautiful job of it!!

the "i like to see you like this" parts are really beautiful...to enjoy seeing someone happy, that has to be one of the most generous acts and feelings of the human spirit. i think you have used such amazing phrases such as dying while the other person is thriving.

your last line really caught my breath - "when that side of you is born, I die." soooo beauutiful girl!! <3