Monday, July 20, 2009

Here is a piece that my friend Sara wrote, and I think it is a perfect solution to the ills and evils of this world. I am only now trying to redirect the way I think, because as I realize..not thinking positively will literally kill me. I've never fully known what it's like to think in utopia when evidences of distopia are around. It is only now where I am trying to believe in the reality of "too good to be true" and realized dreams, but I realize that the greatest thing on earth, is truth in my heart. Here is the piece (thanks to Sara for enabling me to put it on my blog):

A penny or more for your thoughts…

Potential should never be stifled.

Dreams do come true.

Pain screams. Hurts like hell sometimes. But it can NEVER kill your soul as long as you allow it not.

Chances are given.

Hope is planted.

And the greatest thing of all in the universe and the history of eternity: LOVE

It makes the world go round, heals the broken, mends torn souls, blesses lives infinitely.

In a perfect world, there are all these things.

In this world, there are all these things.

Don’t let life pass you by without remembering the beauties of everyday living. These precious moments in time…one can never get them back.


Anonymous said...

"but I realize that the greatest thing on earth, is truth in my heart" ~ this truth is so earth shakingly beautiful. all that we want and need, the best things in the world and eternity, are right here in our very souls and hearts already. we just have to discover it day by day.

girl i think it's awesome to focus on 'utopia when evidences of distopia are around', it's funny how one can acquire the habit fairly quickly/naturally like u were telling me, despite not having that in one's system for 20 odd years. of coz it's hard but it's all gonna pay off in the end!! <3 im trying too! =)


Imogen Mutama said...

Thanks for your comment gal! <3 Yes, its pretty amazing that way..that you can adapt your thought process and reorient it! The body truly is amazing. I'm finding more these days that life is all about conditioning and constructing oneself. It's a lot of hard work! Esp when we're starting in a fallen state and working from the bottom up!

But..yes, it def does really pay off in the end=)