Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're in a world of hits and strikes, penetration and interruption.

We're also in a world of reaction...where we react to these times when our souls feel displaced, when we feel slighted and wronged, when our egos are wounded.

...because others successfully neglect other people's feelings, OR are caught up in their own vision of self that they fail to acknowledge that we are all interconnected.

...that you is essentially me. What is the difference, between your happiness and mine? WHAT is the DIFFERENCE between your sorrow and my own? Something has gone fundamentally wrong in our brains. We've been programmed to think incorrectly for the longest time. When did that moment start, when we divided ourselves from the whole that was US? When will it end?

I will realize that I am found in other people. That they are found in me. When others are blessed, I am blessed too. When others feel pain, my heart breaks.

Imagine how beautiful the world could be--alleviated suffering, reduced dissension--if we could only grasp this concept. It is the skin that divides. But believe me, as spirit...we can't tell the difference from each other.

" We are many parts of ONE BODY, and WE ALL belong to each other" Romans 12:5


Anonymous said...

i love so much how you are wrestling, struggling and holding hard onto the concept of the oneness in Christ and i really see all the beautiful insights you are deriving from it all girl!! and thank you so much for sharing coz it's really opening my eyes and heart. this post is just another stellar example.

interconnectivity obliterating differences amongst humans prob would be one of the most beautiful things in this world i agree. and i absolutely love this line:

"It is the skin that divides. but believe me, as spirit...we can't tell the difference from each other."

keep discovering the Lord, He is new every morning =) and do share with me of course, i love learning from you =)


Lip-Gloss said...

Hey girl,
thanks for your constant comments once again. I'm so glad that we can share our insights about life together, because then we can truly grow. Only through shared knowledge can people really grow, I believe.

It's awesome we can learn from each other..I learn so much from your blog as well, and I absolutely love it all! makes me very excited! Our souls are on the net, ahah! And its yet another place where we can discourse about whats important to us.

I truly believe that "oneness" is the key! I think it's honestly the only way. And it's true love..not love that wants to benefit itself at the same time..but love that realizes that I am the SAME as the other, and so I can sacrifice for the other, because I am found in him/her as well. We all live in each other. It's true.

haha, anyway, i can go on forever! God bless you girly. thanks for posting!!