Monday, September 21, 2009


There's nothing as great as being in the house of the Lord and worshiping God with other believers.

I have to say that worshiping God (singing, dancing, raising and clapping my hands)is honestly one of the best parts of my time spent with God...especially when you're doing it with other believers and you feel the Holy Spirit completely take over the room. Today at church, it was incredibly amazing. One particular song "I'm counting on God" was wonderful. You could really feel the spirit of God moving through and affecting every believer. The choir was singing joyfully, raising their hands, and clapping.

It was honestly so magnificent to witness. We are SO BLESSED to have a choir to sing at our church. I have never before felt a sense of togetherness like I felt today at church...but there was something about that music and worshiping that really harmonized me with the other believers there...and I felt a sense of peace knowing that we all knew God.

It's that emotion, once again, of feeling at one and connected to other believers (even if you don't know them). It's such a phenomenal feeling and makes you feel like you can do anything...and that this Heaven on Earth can truly be achieved. God blesses us with moments like these and enables us to feel these emotions as we reach out to Him. Honestly, I could have spent forever in that moment of worship..and that's why I stayed for the second service of worship.

I know that's where I live, find peace, find my sense of being.

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Anonymous said...

i know that's where i LIVE, FIND PEACE, FIND MY SENSE OF BEING.

so true =)

<3 s