Thursday, September 17, 2009

Keep your eyes OPEN!

These days I am just so incredibly TIRED!

I LOVE to sleep it's insane, but unfortunately I have to wake up every single day at 8am.

There never seems to be time to do anything. I'm either at work, or school, or trying to do readings on a bus somewhere.

I dont like 4-hr classes. It takes so much out of one, and it gets hard to focus say after the 2 hour mark.

I have to do some serious time management. Which includes trying to force-feed information into my lungs when I'm ready to drop dead from lack of sleep.

Ah yes, ENJOY your youth. that's always possible. UNLESS, this is some warped form of enjoyment that I am not aware of---you know, humanness always gets in the way of comprehending things, lol!

Things I tell myself to get by: I'll sleep when I'm dead, Nike's old-"Just do it", be happy that you have this opportunity, it won't last forever, this is to get to the next stage, it's your second-to-last semester, you'll learn a lot from this stage of your life.

Things I believe: God is with me no matter what. I have been BLESSED with this life...I probably can't even count all the ways.

Thank you =)

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