Sunday, September 6, 2009

How could I do anything but praise?

God is amazing and we must continually praise the blessings in our own lives and in those of others. It's important for us to have an attitude of gratitude.

My friend just came back from a trip where she settled her cousin and best friend into her new boarding school. It was an emotional ride, but she really saw God through the whole experience. For example, God made it clear that she should be with her family during this time and she really realized how much they needed her and vice versa. She was able to offer emotional support to her cousin especially through her own experiences. I am amazed by how God works through the entire situation and especially the unity experienced between the close-knit mother-daughter group. It's absolutely amazing and absolutely God! I am thankful that I could be a witness to my friend's experiences, its beautiful.

-God's creation-

God's creation is beautiful (people, animals, plants) and we must always treasure them. Sometimes I find myself in a state where I don't fully appreciate people. I feel like I sometimes take the people in my life for granted. Then sometimes when I sit back and really think...I am hit with a 'wow' feeling. Sometimes I'll be talking to a person and all sorts of emotions will be running through my head-often nervousness, calculation(thinking of the next thing to say), etc. And then sometimes I may stop and, this is a precious creation of God's..and then my mind will slow down and my heart will be filled with this emotion of care and consideration which will affect what I say. I wish I could always feel this way with His creation, but I realize that everything is training. The closer we grow in Him..the closer we get to embodying His word.

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