Wednesday, September 9, 2009


S has acquired a job RIGHT where we live, which is a huge blessing in terms of traveling! Again, I am amazed by how God works!!! Like honestly, He really just quiets my spirit. I wish I could respond to all of the glorious ways in which He works. But all I can do is praise His blessings!

Children! I always thought I wasnt good with children or couldnt interact with them properly or something. But I'm starting to work with them more and I'm realizing what a joy it really is. Kids are so carefree and its easy to interact with them. I truly believe that stage of one's life is a real blessing. That's when you're the most honest, real, and pure. It's such an unblemished stage! I've always wanted my focus for teaching to be on the adolescents just because of how I could possibly be a good influence and mentor to them, but working with kids has really started to tweak my perspective on things. Nothing has changed, but it's definitely a great eye opening experience!

Gorgeous rain and trees! British Columbia is so beautiful that it hurts!


Anonymous said...

=D i'm so happy to have you to share blessings and life with, it means so much! <3

and your blog looks great! it's so multifaceted now, with a diary part to it too =)) awesome! and i love your line: British Columbia is so beautiful it hurts!

that's great expression girl =)

Imogen Mutama said...

Haha thanks! Yes, it feels good to share life coz it is shared!! I'm so blessed that God allows me to be a witness in others lives and allows others to witness what goes on in my life too! It's amazing!

Haha, thanks about the blog. I'm not entirely poetic these days as it requires a bit of thinking.., those engines have to get revving, my brain is total mush, haha! And I dont have time to diary, so its best to just blog! So many amazing things have happened that they HAVE to be charted!!

haha, thanks about the line!! It does hurt, dont it?

Imogen Mutama said...
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