Monday, October 12, 2009

Heart deviation.
The main palpitation.
Forlorn fragmentation.

I tear myself apart.


I insist on moving past myself.

I have become a memory.

I am afraid of forgetting who I am.

Ugh. When they tell you that you are special. You are unique. Express yourself.

Mm. It wasnt me all along. Just patterns and shapes God inside of skin. A new me!

Ick. Stop buying the lie that you are God.


Anonymous said...

I love this poem! it's so good! it speaks so much truth, especially the stunning last line about one being God. i think so many people live like this without even realising! i mean i know like my pride or any other sin in me is a result of me thinking! does that make sense? because if just for a second i thought of God, or other people, like REALLY thought about them and loved them fully, none of these negative emotions would come into play...

and all that about being unique/special causes a lot of unnecessarily inflated self-esteems i think, but this is of course, only for some people. because even if they weren't told this, i think they could still find their way. but the whole cultural focus on the individual being unique and special is not the best focus i don't think. i think it causes a lot of these problems with pride etc, because it's all ME oriented...what do you think? =)


Imogen Mutama said...

Hey Hun!

I definitely agree! I def think that whole unique debate could be framed a different way! of course people are unique, different, and special..but you dont want to accentuate these things at the expense of how similar we all are..we are all unique and different and in a sense that functions to make us the same.

So true what you said about thinking about the "me" in times of pride, etc. I think about myself much too frequently. Its so hard sometimes to think about others esp in those times of sin. Requires a lot of meditation. It's a lot of work! Anyway, as long as we continue to work and strive then its good!

thanks for the comment :D !!!