Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When will the soul stop privileging its own ideas? Because it comes from me, does it have to be right? What do I have to prove, anyway?

Yet, there is something inside of one that has to be heard. Something inside that has to be considered.

I am sometimes haunted by the urge to rectify others. Why can't you be more like this? Why can't you be more like that? Why did you do this? Why would you act like that? Do I even consider the legitimacy of their own soul?

What inadequacies are inside me that I don't take note of? Why can't people listen and consider rather than always wanting to be right or always prioritizing their own points of view?

Why can't people just listen and consider?

Who gave them authority over ideas? Does not difference make the world go round?

The war continues because of the sick ego. It must be subdued.

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