Monday, November 30, 2009

Infidelity of the soul.

We neglect God.

Cheating and wanting, lusting and fawning over it all.

Like a woman who wants to save her marriage, he loves us through it all.


Anonymous said...

The last line is so incredibly powerful. It's so deep with a ton of imagery and meaning attached to it!

I love how it conjures up the Biblical allusions to the church being the bride of Christ, and Christ as the groom. It's so cool how you flipped it that God is the woman, because He def does want to save this marriage and there's a softness and compassion in a woman's tender love vs a man's.

Also, His love is unconditional as you've rightly portrayed. Although He's the 'groom' He doesn't bombard us with Himselve but quietly loves, so i like how you used a woman to show that, because it seems more apt for femine behaviour.

Anyway, great post again!!! =)


Anonymous said...

just realised when i was reading the published comment how many errors there were!!



Imogen Mutama said...


doesnt matter about errors girl! This is a blog, lol, not an essay!! I didnt even notice them=) but thanks for your comment and all of the really cool findings and interpretations you came to! Which were all totally true and not all intended. I love how language does that!

So sad how we rightly belong to God, but find ways to neglect him time over. =( Regardless, it's good that we recognize these attitudes as a basis for change.

Thanks for your constant comments girl! Much appreciated and loved=)