Thursday, November 19, 2009

O happy day!

O happy day!

When Jesus washed.

Washed my sins away.

Sister Act 1 & 2 will always give me goosebumps.


I dont understand how we can continue to live like this, when the greatest thing on earth has happened to us. Do you ever read scripture and think...oh my God...what the? And sort of have this moment where your life on earth completely fades and you're lost in a sense of ecstasy about what God has done for us?

I do.

Do you put the Bible down, and then a few minutes later revert to the mess of your life, with all of its supposed burdens and harsh realities to overcome?

I do.

Do you live with this joy at the back of your mind and lean on it when hard times come?

I do.

Do you live in flashes and daydreams, impulses and gists of excitement-like your soul is ebbing and flowing through life and scripture, trying to negotiate and make sense of the two?

I do.

It's so strange. How to reconceptualize the mind? Mmm. One day I'll be gone...some sort of lost memory. And finally get to see if what I believed in was true. How do you do this, and not explode from the overload?


Anonymous said...

everything is sooo awesomely phrased...i relate to every bit of this, to the very last space in between the lines =) thank you for putting our spiritual experiences onto paper, so beautifully depicted and relatable!!!!

love, s.

Tanisha said...

Okay so you need to have a section where I can follow your blog!! :P

Imogen Mutama said...

Thanks for your comments guys!

S-your very welcome =) I take so much delight in relating to your blog posts and the way you verbalize your spiritual experiences as well! It's pretty amazing to share! i appreciate ur comments always!

Tani-happy to see you stop at my blog!! =) I'm always following yours! I will definitely create that section! <3