Thursday, December 24, 2009

One moment

Yes, its Christmas....

...and it almost seems wrong to write about depressing things when it's Christmastime, but the reality is that these types of things surround us all the time. God has been blessing me with beautiful moments time and time over. There is nothing "horrible" that has happened in my life, as of yet...or...traumatic...

..but those things can and do happen. When they do, I dont want them to ruin my life...

There is a man...and other people love him, so I love him too...but something happened to him when he was young, that changed him completely.

This one moment, that changed his entire life.

Is it fair? It's never fair.

I will never know what happened to him. I can only imagine. But that definitive moment changed his character. Now he has to subsist on medications to feel "okay"...perhaps to feel some sort of semblance of "normal."

My heart cries to him so bad. Because of whatever happened, he will never have a normal life. Perhaps he will never understand certain types of blessings like we do because they are always clouded by that moment.

How do we protect our souls from our flesh? From the things people do to us...the way they hurt us. How do we bounce back? How do we choose to be survivors and not victims?

Do we gain our lives back at some point?

How do we recover from trauma? From not letting it eat us alive, devour our souls? It disintegrates everything in our lives that could have been...destroys relationships that could be.

God protect us all- Whether we know you or not. Please be with him. Give him his life back.

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