Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Imagine being comforted by someone who hurt you.

This scenario would be played out to "Possibility" by Lykke Li (The Twilight New Moon Soundtrack)

Woman (Maria) comes home to find her husband cheating on her with her good friend. She watches them doing the act, in her and her husband's bed. She continues to stare as water starts to accumulate in her eyes.

While she is watching the act, her husband (another version of him) wraps his arms around Maria's waist and comforts her. Maria cries harder, she turns around and embraces her husband.

The first version of her husband continues having sex with that good friend.

There are many sides to who we are and we can't be everything at once. Her husband loves Maria, but for those does not show.

So many different faces in one soul. How do we reach a consensus among our many different possibilities?


Anonymous said...

beautiful, eye-opening, so true, so sad. There are indeed so many sides to one person. I do believe though if true love was the overpowering side in this particular scenario you have painted, the other side would fail to materialise and be conquered. It is only when the good and evil side are level, can there be a fight. If love/fidelity is a clear winner, there'd be no battle. very interesting music video concept yet again!! =))) awesome post!


Lip-Gloss said...

Thanks for your comment=)

I definitely agree with you about the true love thing..but as humans we do feel so many different emotions at once and they dont always win. I feel this so much with myself. I love my family, love my friends...but do I really love them when I am jealous of them, or am proud, or selfish? In those moments, love fails...even though i do apparently "love".

Perhaps as humans we can not love truly as our "selves" always get in the way? I dont know. I guess we're always striving towards love. Sometimes winning, sometimes failing.

It's so confusing being human, I lose my mind and regain it all the time. It's an effort to stay sane. Honestly, lol.

Thanks for your comment love!

Imo-under lipgloss!