Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Spurts of Passion (II)

The TRUTH is...there IS a correct way to live...of course there is a correct way to live...and that way is to glorify God.

SOMETIMES…you shouldn’t feel the way that you do. Feelings are not always valid just because they are feelings. We need to ignore our feelings sometimes and focus on the truth.

Passion is beautiful. God has a passion for us and it is passion that has made the world wonderful. Why rejoice in insouciance and nonchalance? Stagnancy and idleness never got anyone anywhere. We should always be passionate about something. It is the human soul to have passion. Lack of passion kills the human soul.

...overly defined by our interests? Perhaps not, but God does have a special and particular purpose for our lives...and of course it consists of more than just what we “like” to do sometimes. That purpose is unique however, and will define us.

…my profession will define me (in a way)….but it is about overcoming the strings of the simple profession and focusing on those transcendent qualities. You’re not just a doctor, but you care for people’s well-being.

Reflection is amazing….but to a point. Reflection should be constructive…not destructive.

It is think of something you shouldn't. As long as that "shouldn't" is according to God's definition.

We are a product of society, but if we develop our relationship with HIM we will be a product of the Lord and overcome our society and the world.

I REALIZE...that God would have us live a specific way. TO surrender your life to God is to adopt this way....there is no compromise.

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