Friday, July 2, 2010

Ever Dream about a Celebrity?

I'm not one to have dreams or fantasies about celebrities...I'm a very realistic person and I guess that carries over to my dreams, I rarely dream about celebrities either.

The one dream I do remember that I had about a celebrity...I once dreamed about Will Smith and that guy who played "Dean" in Gilmore Girls...Jared Padalecki. Okay, perhaps I have had a few celebrity dreams in the past!

...weirdly, enough, I'm always linked to these celebrities, in my dreams, romantically..

Anyway, my latest celebrity dream was of Ryan you may remember him from "The Proposal," "Definitely Maybe," "Waiting," and other strangely humorous movies. It was so strange in this dream because I was actually married to him. And to say the least, we were pretty intimate. I have never fantasized about Reynolds before (nor any other celebrity for that matter), nor has he ranked high on my non existent "hottest" celebs list, but it's strange how the subconscious will do that to you. Perhaps when I was watching "The Proposal" I was taking in more that just the beautiful view of Alaska. ^^

Funnily enough, he just got a little bit more attractive in my mind...

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