Saturday, December 24, 2011

"In the Backseat" The Arcade Fire

...I want something that remains even when I an image that is permanently embedded in the mind...something beautiful... cold ocean waves, whipping and whirling. she stands, alone and cold, looking out into the distant sea, the day is blue, her black hair whips around her head, one of those days that lasts forever, one of those days that nobody knows of but yourself. it is lost upon your death sucked into that monster called time. who knows about the moments that we keep to ourselves, stuffed into closets, fit into lockets, shoved away into the recesses of our mind. so many days we've had that have probably been so similar to other people's days in their own books of life. one day to be buried under the ground. to become sand. who knew who you were, when everybody you've ever known has died as well?


painstreak said...

One day we will be gone from this planet but knowing that you contributed something meaningful behind is special and beautiful. What is the meaning or purpose of life? That is one question many people do not ponder upon which is very unfortunate.

Imogen Mutama said...

Thanks for your comment! I completely agree, many people do not ponder the meaning of life and wind up picking up these pieces after they die. To contribute something everlasting to a world that is fleeting is definitely what one strives for!

Painstreak said...

you're welcome! It's always nice to think and reflect on ourselves. "What can we do to make this world a better place" or "how can I contribute to this word" are questions that we should always be thinking about! Keep up the blogs! They are very intuitive and great to think about! =]