Sunday, April 29, 2012

We exist in multiple selves, different versions. I know that now. And a lot of who we are depends on our colour, body weight, face shape, hair type. I know this now too. If I think about this piece of knowledge...the time before this, and the time now...there are two selves there. Even when we gain a new piece of information, epiphanies, revelations, there is one self that would continue on without knowing these new things, and then that burst of knowledge stirs one in different directions.

Is there one person in this earth who is completely honest? Is it actually possible to be honest at all...ever? Everything we say is sugar-coating, placating,  mollifying, because truthfully if we were honest to each other, would we even all like each other? If you told people how you truly felt, how you were truly thinking, would they still like you? Does one even tell themselves the truth?

It's funny how people exist substantially through the eyes of the thinker. If somebody thinks of me as a sex object, that type of thinking will dominate how they treat me. If a person doesn't think much of me, they will treat me the way they think of me. If they think  the world of me, they will treat me that way too.


Painstreak said...

Is there one person in this earth who is completely honest? definitely not! We all essentially put a barrier around ourselves with dishonesty. Even if one has negative thoughts about someone those thoughts never escape the beholder. As a result, those thoughts impact us in the way we act towards one another. What you said is completely true! Just imagine what would happen if we could read each others mind? Total chaos!

Imogen Mutama said...

hahah...yes, if we could read each others minds...oh yes, total chaos!! Sometimes it scares me that I cant be honest even with people I care about. Well I'd say that I'm afraid to be honest b/c even when you're polite about it, people dont like what you say and make an issue out of it. I'm trying to be more honest though as I grow older.