Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The human heart

What makes the human heart move, gives it inspiration, makes it stop, skip a beat? Nobody has ever understood its language, its reasoning and rhyme, its method to its madness....

People are never fully aware of the impact they have on you. Sometimes a comment said in jest, an "innocent" laugh among friends to shatter the mundane quality of the day can kill a heart or two, debilitate personalities, make that spark in someone die. Sometimes a critique of another without truly thinking has functioned to damage and damper the soul when it wasn't intended that way.

We must all be careful how we involve others in our speech. Perhaps we shouldn't think others are ours to be critiqued, pulled apart and assessed.

Can you possess someone when you involve them in your conversation....take them and have your way with them? Perhaps in that instant you owned a part of them, perhaps you borrowed a very special part of them, destroyed it, and never gave it back.

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