Monday, July 5, 2010

How did she get so strong?

My mother, she gives me so much strength...

I don't know how she even became that strong, but somehow I know that I can live and get through this life because of her...

I know it's not good to fear what hasn't happened..but I become afraid of the time when she won't physically be in my life anymore..

I see a fire inside of her, that I wish I had sometimes...a flame that enables her to stand up for herself and us, a spark that pushes forward with what's right

I want to be strong..then be able to pass that strength onto someone else..

Sometimes I can't see myself being a mom, because I see so much inside myself that I hate..and don't want others to get involved with, but I know that as long as I'm abiding in God I will be a good mother.


Gul said...

I feel the same way about my mom as well -- for me, women will always be strong and more giving -- and when I see her, I wonder if I will achieve the same strength that she has.

But I'm sure our moments in life...and I'm so blessed, to have such a wonderful mother, and I know you are too :)

*Love the new look on your blog*

Imogen Mutama said...

so true...when one sees these amazing women (our mothers) one has a "wow" moment, its like wow, how can I become as strong as her?

I agree that women/moms are definitely very strong people. They go through so much and have so much to think/worry about every single day. I know in my mom's case, it's definitely God that has kept her at peace after so many years of hardship.

Thnx about the blog! I love yours too!