Saturday, May 5, 2012

I want to be pure and unblemished. Inside, I am disfigured, and malformed, ulcers cling to my heart, intoxicated and squalid, I am a black mess. My heart proclaims beauty, shut down by clogged arteries, lungs turned black and yellow because of breathing in filthy air, believing depraved lies.

I want God to make me beautiful.


Painstreak said...

I've noticed some negativity in your blogs recently. Hope everything is okay with you! It's interesting to see other people's perspective about the world. To be honest I never gave much thought into the corruption and evil of the human heart. I agree that this world is so corrupted and needs to be saved and only God can provide that sanctuary.

Imogen Mutama said...

Hey! Thanks, yes everything is okay with me. I am a very hopeful person, but I like writing about pain and negativity to find healing or reach important conclusions. That is truly interesting, that you've never really thought much about the evilness of humanity, it's kind of nice that you can focus on the beauty instead. Yes, agreed, only God can provide healing in the midst of an inherently sinful people. Thanks so much for your comments! They're wonderful!!

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